The services we offer always focus on quality assurance and optimising production and control processes. There is no better example of this than the RAL certification assessment process. BMFcert works with RAL quality associations, which award various RAL quality marks to manufacturers, such as the RAL Quality Mark for Timber House Construction or Steel System Construction.

Timber panel elements

Timber panel elements are produced by carpentries and prefabricated house manufacturers for use in modern timber-based prefabricated construction. If the elements are closed on both sides in the factory, they are considered a regulated building product in Germany, which means random samples must be checked by a recognised monitoring and certification body. BMFcert offers third-party monitoring and certification for this kind of timber panel construction. Following certification, the manufacturer is entitled to mark its closed elements with the mark of conformity (known as the “Ü-mark”).

Quality assurance prefabricated construction

RAL Quality Mark Timber House Construction

Manufacturers have the option of obtaining the RAL Quality Mark Timber House Construction (RAL-GZ 422) on a voluntary basis, in addition to the mark of conformity. RAL certification is carried out by the BMF – Federal Quality Association for Prefabricated Buildings and Prefabricated Houses (Bundes-Gütegemeinschaft Montagebau und Fertighäuser e.V.). BMFcert is a cooperation partner of the BMF and as such authorised to monitor manufacturers.

The individual elements of the entire timber house are evaluated in its shell state against defined criteria. In addition to basic soundness, there is also a focus on structural timber protection, air tightness and ventilation, for example. Construction site assembly is randomly monitored once a year, as well as the half-yearly factory quality inspection.

RAL Quality Mark Raw Timber Element Production

The RAL Quality Mark Raw Timber Element Production (RAL-GZ 421) is concerned with factory prefabrication of timber panel elements planked on one or both sides. The quality-assured services include creation of element openings, insulation insertion, application of planking and installation of built-in elements. RAL quality-assured assembly and installation companies can buy these additional elements and meet the requirements of the RAL Quality Mark Timber House Construction (RAL-GZ 422).

Quality Association of German Prefabricated Buildings (QDF)

The QDF – Quality Association of German Prefabricated Buildings (Qualitätsgemeinschaft Deutscher Fertigbau) is an association of prefabricated house manufacturers of the BDF – Federal Association of German Prefabricated Buildings (Bundesverband Deutscher Fertigbau e.V.).

BMFcert carries out monitoring on behalf of the BDF and verifies that the QDF prefabricated house manufacturers meet the industry’s stringent requirements. Inspections take place both in the production facilities and on construction sites and also include turnkey construction of prefabricated houses.

Dovetail joint

Dovetail joints are traditional carpentered timber joints. The dovetail is no longer made by hand in industrial production, but by automated joinery machines. Dovetail joints must be manufactured in accordance with the approval Z-9.1-649 of the High-Tech-Abbund association before they can be used in load-bearing timber constructions without additional fasteners. BMFcert offers third-party monitoring for this, where the manufacturer’s own monitoring processes are inspected as is required for approval. After certification, the manufacturer can label the dovetail with the Ü mark of conformity. BMFcert is recognised by the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt) for this.

Strength-graded construction timber

BMFcert certifies in-house production control of sawmills. This is required to authorise the CE marking for graded construction timber. The CE marking means the construction product can be distributed on the European market and is based on the EN 14081-1 product standard.

After the timber has been cut to size, attention must be paid to essential criteria when grading it. Visual characteristics are inspected as well as its mechanical properties and wood moisture. The assessment of knots, cracks and curvatures in relation to the quality of the timber helps to classify it for later use.

This is necessary to be able to produce the CE marking for strength graded structural timber. The CE marking means the solid wood with rectangular cross-section construction product can be distributed on the European market and is based on the EN 14081-1 product standard. BMFcert is accredited by the DIBt to certify the labelling of this building product.

Nail plate trusses

Nail plate trusses (CE mark)

Nail plate trusses offer considerable benefits in terms of economy and degree of prefabrication. These supporting structures can be used to produce different types of effective trusses. Manufacturers’ factory production control is audited in accordance with EN 14250. When the manufacturer is able to fulfil all criteria, they receive the nail plate truss certificate which forms the basis for awarding the CE mark to the building product. BMFcert is accredited by the DIBt to certify the nail plate truss certification.

Formwork trusses (Ü-symbol)

Formwork trusses are load-bearing structures made of nail plate trusses. The Administrative Regulation Technical Building Regulations (VV TB, Part C No. C.2.16.14) require monitoring and certification for their special field of application in the production of concrete formwork. BMFcert is recognised by the DIBt for this service.

RAL Quality Mark Nail Plate Products

The GIN – Quality Association for Nail Plate Products (Gütegemeinschaft Nagelplattenprodukte e.V.) builds on the building authority standards for nail plate trusses and nail plates with the RAL Quality Mark Nail Plate Products (RAL-GZ 601). The quality mark offers an enhanced quality standard beyond the legal minimum. The two “production” and “assembly” quality mark parts therefore assure safe and dimensionally accurate connecting elements. BMFcert works with the GIN and is entrusted with monitoring.

Steel system construction

RAL Quality Mark Steel System Construction

As well as their focus on timber construction, BMFcert also offers expertise in the field of prefabricated buildings made of steel structures (steel system construction). The BMF awards the RAL Quality Mark Steel System Construction (RAL-GZ 613) for manufacturers in this sector. BMFcert undertakes the monitoring in cooperation with the BMF, based on the quality and testing regulations.

RAL Quality Mark Mobile Room Systems

The BMF also awards the RAL Quality Mark Mobile Room Systems (RAL-GZ 619), which focuses specifically on module rental and their temporary use. The mobile room systems are not only needed at construction sites, but can also be used as extensions to school buildings or as sanitary containers at large events. Here too, BMFcert works with the BMF to inspect manufacturers in accordance with RAL quality and testing regulations.

RAL Quality Mark Prefabricated Basement

BMFcert also works with the GÜF (Quality Association for Prefabricated Basements (Gütegemeinschaft Fertigkeller e.V.) as well as with the BMF. The GÜF can award the RAL Quality Mark Prefabricated Basement (RAL-GZ 518) to its members, which is based on regular construction site monitoring and their evaluation.

The RAL quality mark signifies the highest level of safety. As well as ensuring compliance with legal requirements, monitoring also focuses on continuous self-monitoring of basement planning, production and construction on the building site. In addition, the expert checks that the basement is completed in accordance with contractual terms, professionally and in accordance with regulations.

HPE Certified Pallets

The German Association of Wood Packaging, Pallets, Export Packaging (HPE) e.V. professional group stands for a higher quality standard in the industry. BMFcert regularly monitors HPE-certified special pallets. The focus here is on the company’s own quality processes. HPE certification aims to produce durable, high-performance pallets that contain essential information about areas of use and load-bearing capacity.

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