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Do I have to have my panel elements inspected?

If the prefabricated panel elements are closed on both sides in the factory, external monitoring is mandatory in Germany. This does not apply to elements planked on one side.

Do I have to have the assembly inspected on the construction site?

Construction site monitoring is an integral part of the RAL Quality Mark Timber House Construction and, as such, is voluntary. Monitoring of closed timber panel elements (Ü-mark – mark of conformity) is only undertaken in the factory.

Is there a CE mark for timber panel elements?

There is currently no valid Europe-wide coordinated standard that regulates this double-sided closed panel construction product. However, a CE mark can be gained for a kit for a building made of timber if the manufacturer holds a corresponding ETA.

Can monitoring take place abroad too?

Yes, BMFcert is also active in other European countries as well as in Switzerland and Bosnia and Herzegovina.