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BMFcert is a monitoring and certification body according to State Building Code and EU Construction Products Regulation based in Bad Honnef.

Our services

BMFcert’s clients come from various sectors of the construction industry. The timber construction sector is made up of carpentries, sawmills as well as manufacturers of prefabricated houses and nail plate trusses. BMFcert also carries out inspections in the areas of modular steel construction, prefabricated basements and transport pallets.

Monitoring and certification of closed timber panel elements is mandatory where covered by the State Building Code (LBO).

Quality assurance prefabricated construction

The RAL Quality Mark Timber House Construction and Raw Timber Element Production has a prestigious status in the timber construction industry.

Dovetail joint

Approval from the HIGH-TECH-ABBUND im Zimmererhandwerk e.V. carpentry trade association requires monitoring by a body recognised by the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt).

Strength-graded construction timber

CE marking for sawmills and construction timber grading needs appropriate certification.

Nail plate trusses

Manufacturers of nail plate trusses must have their building product regularly monitored according to the State Building Code (LBO) or European Construction Products Regulation.

RAL Quality Mark Steel System Construction

The RAL certification for steel system construction has established itself in the construction industry along with the RAL Quality Mark Mobile Room Systems.

RAL Quality Mark Prefabricated Basement

The RAL quality assurance for prefabricated basements stands for high-quality basement construction with short construction times and high dimensional accuracy.

HPE Certified Pallets

The German Association of Wood Packaging, Pallets, Export Packaging (HPE) e.V. professional group stands for a higher quality standard.

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BMFcert works with long-standing and trustworthy partners. Our joint customers reap the benefits of the synergy from these partnerships.